To achieve the goals of our Clients, we segregate tasks into areas of investigation.

The achievement of each task is integrated with all other influences and

culminate in a final design and contract documents which reflect the requirements of the project.



   Document and programming review establishes the projects detailed requirements.


  • Review and coordinate all Owner furnished data for the project.

  • Review design objectives, limitations, and criteria of the project.

  • Survey of Existing Facility to determine current condition of

  • spaces, adaptability and compatibility of systems to new requirements.

  • Review and define all space requirements and space relations (direct/indirect)  for the project.

  • Review the number and functional responsibilities of personnel within each division or department.

  • Determine flexibility and expendability  requirements of the divisions or departments.

  • Special equipment and systems requirements.

  • Site requirements for all disciplines and for general public access.



   The analysis and review will establish all applicable laws, statutes, regulations

   codes of regulating entities, and user/community groups which have limited

   or no statutory authority but significant influence on the approval process. ​​



  • A statement of probable construction cost will be based on the programming and

    scheduling studies developed and will be part of all levels of the Design and

    Construction Document Phases.


  • Site Analysis will be evaluated and adjusted at all design phases.

  • Structures placement.

  • Existing and New Facilities integration.


  • The Design Services will be in two phases. The first will be Schematic Design Services and the second will be Design Development Services.

  • The Schematic Design documents will consist of drawings and other documents illustrating the general scope, scale, and relative relationship of the Projects components for approval by the Client. Designs will be conceptual in character and based on the requirements developed unde previous phases including program requirements.


   Design Development Services consist of drawings and other documents to fix and describe the size and    character of the entire project. This  includes all architectural,  structural,  mechanical, electrical and            special systems, materials and such other elements as may be appropriate. Consideration shall be            given to availability of materials, equipment and labor, construction sequencing and scheduling,                  economic analysis of construction and operations user safety and maintenance requirements, and              energy conservation.



   In the Construction Document Phase all necessary drawings, specifications, and other documentation        will be developed based on and from previous owner approved phases of the work. Elements which are      part of the Construction Documents consist of Drawings, Specifications, Bidding and                                    Construction Contracts for the construction of the Project.


   The design of landscaping, interior design, and furniture selection would be included in this phase of the    work as an additional service and not as part of the basic scope of the work unless so stated in the              contract.



    Construction Field Observation will consist of visit to the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of             construction to become generally familiar with theprogress and quality of the Work and to determine in       general if the Work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents, and preparing related           reports and communications.



    A detailed inspection with the Owner's representative for

    conformity of the Work to the COntract Documents to verify the

    list submitted by the contractor(s) of  items to be completed or