Art Galleries and private collectors have and are seeking out Teske’s work for its dynamic and insightful views. The paintings take the viewer through multiplicity levelers of seeing. It is a melding and evolving movement of shape and color enticing images to appear as a creation of the seer.


                      Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, New York

                      Cooperstown Art Association Gallery, Cooperstown, New York

                      Gallery International, Baltimore, Maryland

                      Caladan Gallery, Beverly, Massachusetts

                      New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Summit, New Jersey

                      World Star Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                      Core Center Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                      CCT Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                      Duvall Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                      Morgan Park Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                      MG Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 

                      Aesthetic Eye, Chicago, Illinois

                      Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, Illinois


                Present Gallery Showing

                      Core Center Gallery, Chicago, Illinois


                Private Collectors

                      Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Anderson

                      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Teske

                      Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thomas

                      Mr. and Mrs. Martin Oppenheimer

                      Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bump

                      Ms Sandy Smith

                      Ms Lisa Maroski