No structure is in itself an entity, but rather must be considered as a part of a larger whole. Each element must complement the other in a logical and natural progression. The starting point is to gather all the known facts; secondly, to determine the direct and indirect relationships of the known elements and requirements; and thirdly, to develop an integrated solution based on all elements pertaining to the structure and that of the surrounding influences.


This discipline of logical progression is the basic philosophy of our firm. It ensures a design based on the needs and standards of our clients and a clear statement of architecture reflecting the function for which the structure or space is intended.


The architectural firm of Allan A. Teske and Associates, Inc. is equipped to offer a full range of professional services to our clients. This includes project analysis and programming, site suitability investigation, existing facility evaluation, full development of design concepts, preparation of contact documents, observation of construction, interior space planning, furniture select, and landscape design.