The context from which I draw inspiration to create art is the knowing that We/All Are One. Through the choice of color and formless form, my paintings intend to reawaken that knowledge in people. I invite you, the viewer, to consider the sensations stirring inside yourself. Yours will be different from mine, and it will be the same.

Through your recognition of an awakening in yourself, the art will touch you, bringing up the possibility of questioning your response in conjuction with or in opposition to others who view the work. It might be immediate or happen later.


The work is dynamic in nature, and causes you to be an active participant in your seeing. As new forms emerge, the eye bounces from color to color, shape to unshaped shape as you begin to see the unseen. It is not my intent to cause people to view my work one way, but rather they are to be a calalyst for the mind to open.